Our publisher partners come from various industries and categories including entertainment, women’s wellness, beauty, technology, food, travel, networking and relationship. Each of these publisher websites has their own core strengths as they focus on a niche target according to each category.

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Being one of the leading dating sites in Malaysia, Baituljannah helps single adults around Malaysia to connect with each other and find companionship in order for them to get into marriage. It has over 1.5 million Facebook followers as well a a high average traffic on both the social media platforms and website (mobile & desktop).

It covers the topics related to relationship, lifestyle and local happenings. Also grabbing the most attention from urban young adult demographic that covers both genders, they have collected over 250K of new subscribers on the website recently and this shows that the portal is not slowing down anytime soon.


VitDaily is a fast-growing digital media platform that connects travellers, foodies and culture-lovers alike with their easy going content. Mostly covering lifestyle and current-affair content, this is the place where most young adults from the age of 25-34 years old go to in order to find out reviews on places to go and where to eat.

Gaya Travel Magazine

Better know as Gaya Travel, it is well established as a 132-page quarterly-issued travel magazine. It has a well balanced content ranging from travel news, stories and reviews that covers both local and international locations around the globe. It has also recently collected growing presence in the social media as they provide extra interesting content that are not available in the magazine.

With all their enriching and colorful travel stories around the world, it’s no surprise that they were awarded with The Best Publication (Local) and Best Tourism Article Local (English) awards during the 19th Malaysian Tourism Awards 2014/2015. They also won the Best Tourism Magazine (Local) award during the 18th Malaysian Tourism Awards 2012/2013.

Siakap Keli

One of the fastest-growing Media/News companies in Malaysia with almost 6 million likes and followers on Facebook, Siakap Keli is definitely a news portal that Malaysians will visit for the latest and quickest news particularly on the viral and current issue.

With everyone seeking quick news on the latest issue happening in Malaysia, it has a wide range of audience from a different age, race, and gender, a true definition describes how versatile Siakap Keli is in catering to its audience

To this day, the Siakapkeli brand is still on the top list of the most popular brands in Malaysia where it has the most fans in Malaysia on par with other big brands.

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